All Faulkner Farms Compost natural products are rich in nutrients that it improves the fertility of your soil, making plants and/or lawns healthier. If you fortify your soil quarterly, you'll soon have healthier soil, as the compost continually increases the microbial process.  We will condition your dirt, naturally, to help your plants and yard sustain a healthier root growth. Faulkner Farms Compost products include:

Compost by the Bag - Great for gardens and smaller projects.
Compost by the Yard - We deliver or it can be picked up at our Farm in Silverhill.
Lawn Top-Dressing - Organic lawn care with compost
Terra-One - Root System Enhancer.  We can spray this for you or also available by the gallon.
Liquid Compost organically fortified by Mycorrihizae  - We can spray small gardens, lawns or football fields.
Worm Castings by the Bag - Available at our Farm in Silverhill.

All natural nutrients. It won't burn as a chemical fertilizer will.

  No chemical nutrients 
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Learn how one of Faulkner Farm's newest products, Mycorrhizae, assists with optimum plant and root growth. 
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