Our compost ingredients are horse manure, cotton, wood chips and hay.  These ingredients, rich in nutrients, are then harvested over a two months process; then screened and bagged for optimum plant growth.
By using compost, you’ll notice healthier plants and soil. The nutrients contained in compost will have an amazing effect on the output of plants, vegetables, and overall appearance of your lawn and garden.

For plants: Just mix it in to the top three to four inches of your flower bed/garden. For your lawn, just spread a thin layer over the surface and wet it.

Liquid Compost
Liquid compost is made utilizing our local, organic compost and is best utilized in fortifying lawns and larger tracks of land.

Our self propelled composting top-dresser allows us to spread, evenly, compost over your yard.  Much healthier than synthetic fertilizers. Quarterly top-dressing is recommended for optimum results.

Worm Castings
Worm casting is a concentrated form of compost.  Worms are fed compost, and as the compost is digested by the worm, the end result is a worm casting.  Worm Castings are a great supplement to gardens.

Micorrhizal Fungi is a fungus that lives in undisturbed ground.  Once the ground is disked or tilled, the fungus starts to die.  By adding micorrhizae to your soil, the roots are able to absorb more nutrients out of the ground, thus increasing the absorption rate of the plant.  This product can be used alone, but we recommend mixing it with our local, organic liquid compost. Click here for more info.

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